kvm-tec Gateway2go -Windows App for live pics from the Switching System

  • the flexible connection to the kvm-tec switching System
  • innovative user application in real time for all laptop or desktop - devices  with windows 10

kvm-tec Gateway2 go - the Windows App is an innovative software solution that allows users to connect to the kvm-tec switching network at any time and display a live image of a specific local unit.
The administration app replaces the remote unit of a Matrixline  or MAXflex and with the Gateway2go access the mobility of the user becomes very flexible and thus the control and operation of the extenders in the switching network is simplified. Gateway2go can also be installed in addition to a remote unit and supports Full HD video transmission. Mouse and keyboard data is authenticated in real time and transmitted live to the local part to ensure real-time security.
compatible with Windows 10
no additional hardware required


  • Windows App for live pcs from the Switching System

  • no additional hardware required


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Windows APP with unlock code for installation on a PC


Technical Datasheet


Part No. Order No. Short Description
4005 kvmGW2 kvm-tec gateway2go
4007 kvmGW2/3 kvm-tec Gateway2go - 3 licences
4008 kvmGW2/5 kvm-tec Gateway2go - 5 licences
4009 kvmGW2/10 kvm-tec Gateway2go - 10 licences